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Give your children the perfect opportunity to express themselves through sewing. Experience their joy when they get to wear their creations anywhere. Sewing is a practical life skill that's both valuable and fun. See your child gain confidence and build self-esteem after attending one of our classes. It also helps with eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and much more.

#10 Kids Creative Sewing Lab    

Weekly  1 hour each (ages 8-12)

Introduce your child to the creative art of sewing. Your child will learn to sew by hand and on the machine and be creating accessories and simple clothes before you know it! All students work at their own pace and once they have completed their first 2 projects, have the freedom to choose their projects thereafter. Class size limited to 4 per adult. Student is responsible for fabric and thread, and patterns for some projects.

Let your children learn how to sew

$80.00 monthly

#16 Kids and Teens Creative Knit and Crochet

Weekly, 1 hour each (ages 8-17)          

Kids and teens can learn to knit and/or crochet in this introductory class. Basic stitches are learned while creating fun projects. Students responsible for yarn and needles or hooks, supplies list based on projects selected.

$65.00 monthly

# 50 Teen Creative Sewing Lab                    

Weekly 1 ½ hour each (ages 13-17)                    

Teens are discovering their sense of style, allow them to create it themselves.  Class size limited to 6 per adult. Student is responsible for fabric and thread, and patterns for some projects.

$100.00 monthly

#75 Teen Fashion Studio    

Weekly 2 hours each (ages 14 and up with sewing experience)

Do you have a teen that wants more than to sew the patterns available at the stores? Do they desire a career in fashion? This class is for them.  They will improve their sewing skills, learn some tricks of the garment industry, drape on a dress form, flat pattern, and design and create their own basic styles. Student is responsible for fabric and notions for each project. Basic sewing tools required.

$145.00 monthly

# 80 Teen Cosplay Costume Lab

Weekly, 2 hours each (ages 14 and up with sewing experience)

Does your teen cosplay and want to create his or her own costume?  We will help him or her approach their costume with a professional eye. Bring in a printed image or sketch and we will help him or her make a plan for creating his or her new persona. A muslin mock-up will be created before cutting into their final fabric. Student is responsible for all materials, patterns, and supplies.

$130.00 monthly

# 100 Beginning Fashion Illustration

4 sessions, 2 hours each

In the world of fashion, concepts need to be conveyed through drawings and illustrations. Express fashion designs and ideas through artistic renderings of the fashion figure, showing apparel on the body and in “flat” form for technical purposes.  

Supplies: 11x14 drawing paper, pencils, eraser, Prisma pencils in a variety of colors, markers (colors) any that are available are fine, but if able to purchase new, suggested are Prisma, Chartpak, Copic. No prerequisite is required.


#115 Basic Sewing Techniques

1 session, 2 hours each session (suggested for older teens)

Learn a variety of sewing techniques that will transfer to your projects. You will create a reference file with notes of how and when to apply them.

Supplies:  binder for samples, basic sewing kit.  (Fabric swatches and notions supplied by TLSR). No prerequisite

115A What to Know Before You Sew • 115B Hand Stitches and Hemming • 115C Seam Finishes and Treatments • 115D Fullness • 115E Facings, Curved and Cornered Seams • 115D Bias Bindings, Sleeves and Interfacings • 115E Zippers • 115F Closures


#117 Mommy (or Daddy) and Me

2 sessions, 2 hours each, 4 hours total                

Spend some fun time with your daughter and/or son and sew together and then bake or cook together. You will make matching aprons for yourself and your little one. Supplies: list provided upon registration.


(price for one parent and one child, $10.00 for each additional person)  


#119 Preparing for Fashion School                

4 sessions 3 hours each, 12 hours total        

Get a preview of some of the techniques you will be learning when you enroll in one of area’s fashion programs. Practice makes perfect and this class will take the pressure off and help you get the best grade possible!  

Supplies:  Professional quality muslin, notebook, paper, thread, paper scissors and basic sewing tools. No prerequisite.  



#100 Open Sewing Lab for Teens    

Once you have completed the first class, come in to practice, use the overlock (for teens only) or other equipment and get help on your projects.    

Prerequisite – 1 sewing class

$12.00 hourly


Summer and Holiday Sewing

Keep your kids being creative when not in school with sewing during their time off. We offer special project based classes during summer and the holidays. Prices for classes based on time needed for project, call for availability of classes and price.

Basic Sewing Kit for Teen Studio Includes:

2”x 18” clear C-thru gridded ruler, 60” measuring tape, fabric shears, pins, pin cushion, fabric chalk, seam ripper, hand needles, thread, a yard or two of plain weave fabric (like muslin).

Start Thinking About Gifts!  

What will your kids give their grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends for birthdays and holidays? Why not a handmade gift? Talk you your child about their projects and let us know what they want to make.

Girl Scout Leaders

Are you a troop leader wanting to schedule activities for your group?  We have worked with several local troops helping the girls earn their sewing badge. We have developed several projects that can be created by hand in one session or students can come for several sessions to create a project on the machine. Discounts are available for troups coming for multiple sessions.

Does your troop need their badges sewn on? Schedule a class for you or parents to learn badge sewing. Bring your machine or use ours.  Call for more info.

Kids Birthday Parties

We can accommodate up to 8 kids for a sewing birthday party! Come in to choose your sewing projects and schedule your event. We will prepare the Room for sewing; you bring the cake and decorations.  Rental of the Room is for 2 hours maximum.

$25.00 per child and $20.00 clean up fee (can be waived if you clean up)!


Sewing will give your child a great sense of accomplishment!

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"My daughters are learning so much and continually taking home amazing creations that they are so proud of."