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Add to your sewing skills by learning some advanced techniques. The Little Sewing Room can give you the ability to create your own unique pieces. Whether you're looking to brush up on pattern drafting or you're taking on corset making for the first time, we have the classes to suit your particular needs. Take a look at our full list of classes.

Feeling like you need some more advanced techniques or have a desire to create your own ideas?  We offer professional skills classes in the following areas.  Please call for more information or to request we add it to our monthly schedule.  Professional classes have the sewing curriculum as the prerequisite or equivalent experience.

#700 Beginning Pattern Drafting                    

6 sessions 3 hours each, 18 hours total    


Once you have drafted your block, you can use it to create your own designs or we can start with a mini block or standard size 8 to get you used to the process.


#701 Pattern Drafting – The Basic Block      

6 sessions, 3 hours each, 18 hours total                              


Bring your measurements and we will draft a block to measure, fit the toile, and transfer it to hard paper – just like they do in the industry!


#702 Intermediate Pattern Drafting              

6 sessions 3 hours each, 18 hours total                    


This class is a continuation of beginning pattern drafting where you will further your knowledge of the art.


#710 Customizing Your Dressform for Draping      

3 sessions 3 hours each, 9 hours total                  


Create a custom fitted cover for your personal professional dress form to use in draping class.


#711 Beginning Draping                                    

6 sessions 3 hours each, 18 hours total    


Draping is the art of cutting and pinning fabric to create a 3 dimensional garment on the form.  Though more time consuming than drafting; it allows you see your design come to life while you are creating it.

Professional Classes

Fashion Designer Fashion Designers Fashion Designers

#712 Intermediate Draping                              

6 sessions 3 hours each, 18 hours total                    


Continuation of beginning draping; you’ll be creating more elaborate garments.


#720 Knock-offs

2 sessions, 3 hours each, 6 hours total    


Copy your favorite garment into a pattern and sew a fit sample in similar fabric.


#800 Bridal and Red Carpet Gown              

10 sessions 3 hours each, 30 hours total                  


The red carpet gowns have a secret – it’s in the inside!  Practice piecing lace invisibly and your draping and patternmaking techniques!


#801 Lingerie Making                                      

6 sessions 3 hours each, 18 hours total                              


Nighties, panties, and bustiers, oh my!  Learn basic lingerie construction and elastic and stretch lace application.  Student will create their own collection or practice individual pieces.


#802 Corset Making                                          

6 sessions 3 hours each, 18 hours total                    


Taught by a professional corsetiere, learn to make a body-reshaping corset.

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